I sit about ten feet from the door of the counseling office at my ‘real’ job.  Sometimes, without even trying, I receive information that is really not any of my business (no matter how cool or scary it is).  And sometimes I get some information that is just too much for me.  I’m not really talking about bizarre Jerry Springer stuff here.  I’m talking about things that are just beyond me… outside of my life-experience.

Today the latter was true.  A woman from the church came in to talk to the counselor.  Everyone at the office knew the situation… her husband died a week ago, saturday.  He was hunting with his son and some friends when he felt light-headed and sat down.  And that was it.  He left a wife and two small kids.  And so, today, tuesday, at around 2:00pm, his wife has sought out a little help from the church’s counselor.  And what I heard was not really scary.  It wasn’t even uncomfortable.  It was haunting, though, and I will probably never forget it.  It was weeping from a woman who’s lost her husband.  Part fear and part loneliness and part hopeless.

As I sat down to blog this afternoon, I got a whole paragraph out about having a flat tire on the side of the road yesterday, and how hard my day had been.  And then the newly labeled widow came in and changed my perspective.