I’ve got to decide within a couple weeks on something.  Not something major, but still something.  And the choice will cost me a considerable amount of money (about a month’s early-mornings), but either way I decide will end up being fine.  Not only fine, but good.  Which leads me to think that there are levels of decisions…

First, there are the bad-bad decisions.  This is where you have to choose between two punishments, or two different entrees in the lunch line in the junior high school cafeteria.

Second, there are the good-bad decisions.  This is the type of decision you have to make when there’s a good side and a bad side.  On the surface, it seems like there isn’t a real struggle with which choice to make… but deeper, there’s more to it.  Most of the time, the bad side of this decision is always laced with gold… shiny, pretty, smooth-to-the-touch gold.  And that makes the decision very difficult to make.

Third, and last, are the good-good decisions.  This is less a choice of lunches or gold-laced bad choices, and it’s more of a choice between two untouched Beatles albums at goodwill or between accepting your ‘winnings’ in a lump sum or two hundred monthly installments.  Either way, you’re winning.  It’s just weighing your desires and wants and needs with the outcome of each side of the decision.

All that to tell you this… if and when I make the choice, you’ll know.  I may even have a picture or two to prove my decision-making skills.