At job 2.0, I played a prank (along with my co-worker) on the boss(s) this morning.  It wasn’t well done, but it was a good prank.  The set-up to the prank was very quick, the effort was next to nothing, and the risk of backfire was pretty low.  In fact, the effort-to-prank ratio was 1:100.  So without really thinking (or caring, for that matter), we went through with the hastily made plans. The die were cast, and we had to just wait it out.  When the bosses were confronted with the prank, they went through a few distinct phases of emotion before realizing they had been “punk’d”.  Because I saw a very real, very impressive set of reactions this morning, I’d like to share them with you.

1.  Apprehension
2.  Attitude
3.  Confusion
4.  Anxiety
5.  Anger
6.  Acceptance
7.  Humor

The best part of the whole prank had nothing to do with either the co-worker or me.  In fact, the thing that put our prank over the top of the rest of the dumb pranks we’ve ever gotten away with is this…  Yesterday, the boss had to let someone go.  (That’s not the good part).  The person he let go had marital ties to the boss’s boss.  Obviously that made things very difficult for him.   So for a couple of unsuspecting workers to lighten the mood in a way that was less than expected was perfect.  Not only did we pull a prank, but we gave the guy a diversion… at least for the morning.