I saved up a large sum of money over the fall and winter to buy a new Martin guitar.  Yes, I was excited.  And the day came a few weeks ago when I was ready to make the purchase.  I called, I confirmed, I committed.  The invoice was paid in full, the guitar was being built, and the anticipation was being pumped.  And the day came when the guitar was delivered.  I could hardly believe the sound, the feel, the smell of the guitar that I’d waited so long for.  There was one small problem.  The problem came by way of a hairline crack on the neck on either side of the nut.  With a little pressure and some lack of concern, the headstock could’ve come completely apart from the neck.  And that, my friends, was not a desired quality.  So I had to make the call… to the customer relations department of the C.F. Martin & Co. guitar company.  After a very short time, there was an action plan.  I was to pack my beloved guitar up just as I had received it, call UPS, then wait for them to come and get it.  And today, that happened.  Now I wait.  It sounds like within a few days, I should have another instrument, unblemished and perfect.  I’ll keep you posted as information comes in.  Oh.  Just so it’s clear, I did wet myself when I noticed the crack.