This week I’ve been on a ‘trial run’ as the co-host of’s morning show.  The hours are strange, considering my normal morning schedule.  I don’t mind being half-awake in front of a microphone, (maybe i should), but here’s what I keep thinking…  Hosting a morning show is very much like waking up in a strange room with (possibly) hundreds of people watching you.  No matter what you say or do, they keep watching.  And every once in a while, they talk to you and tell you that something was funny or dumb or wrong.  They also ask about the weather, the traffic and if their school is going to be closed.  Quite a different feeling.

We’ll see how long I last as the co-host at the station… I’ve set up a ‘pool’ with my family, and my money’s on next wednesday.  But until further notice, I’m on the air from 6-9 on, which you can hear live now.