I got a comment on an old post last night from somebody I don’t know. I love feedback from the outside… people that don’t know me, giving me their take on my blog. It’s awesome to know that people from around town (and the world) can read what I’ve posted. And it’s funny when they don’t like what I write. 🙂 Here’s what the comment from last night says.

‘I just want to say im so surprised…that they let negative people like you lead worship….you are a wining little b***h I cant believe you are in ministry …if i would meet you i would kick your a** for being so so so….ahhh never mind get a life you little girl…get a girlfriend or something….lol idiot’ – Steve Hark (aka Randy Quesada)

Ouch. And yet… I really don’t care. I do like feedback from people, even when it’s rude. Mostly because I need to know how things are going. And this, my friends, certainly lets me know what the guy thinks. And that’s what’s important.

On an unrelated side-note, if you know Steve Hark/Randy Quesada, why don’t you send him a birthday greeting. I know he’s too embarrassed to tell you himself, but he turns 14 this week, and he’d love to get emails from you, his friends and fans. Here is his email address. And here’s where you could friend him on facebook.

Hope you’re all well. Don’t forget… birthdays are so important to little guys, so make sure and send him some big-boy birthday greetings! Thanks, all. Peace and grace.