So they tell me that there are a few very important days in life.  A list of those days would be something like this…

1. Birthday
2. First day of school
3. First date
4. First day of college
5. Wedding day
6. Series premiere of The O.C.
7. Birth of children
8. Birth of grandchildren
9. Last day of life

Now that we’ve quickly run through an entire life of events, let’s talk about one that’s not quite as important.  No, not the day you learn to parallel park.  And no, not the day you realize that you didn’t actually learn how to parallel park.  I’m talking about the day you achieve something that you’ve worked at for years.  For instance, you watch movies for six hours a day, seven days a week… to be the manager of Blockbuster.

Well, friends, today was a pretty important day in my life.  I had been saving money for about three years (we’re talking spare change at the end of the day).  So today, I called the C.F. Martin & Co. guitar company and ordered my very own instrument.  I spent a small fortune on it, and feel great about it.  The instrument will help me not only become a better musician, but also allow me to lead worship with a quality sound.  And, to be honest, it’s probably the best quality and dependable guitar I’ll ever own.

Here are some pictures, since I know you want to see it.