My office is in the dining room of a house.  Mind you, the dining room isn’t really used as a dining room anymore.  In fact, except for an exception or two, the whole house has been converted into an office complex for our staff.  It’s great.  The master bedroom is now the boss’s office.  The kids’ room is now the childrens’ pastor’s office.  The garage is the worship department (just like Bill & Ted and all of their adventures).  The attic is for the creepy guy that nobody likes.  Kidding.  He actually shares an office with another guy.  All of this to tell you that the office is quite a place.

I tell you about the office because I have good news, church (or friend, whichever category you fall into)!  It looks like our building could quite possibly be ours no more.  And not 6 months from now as I’ve been told.  If things go the way that the potential buyers are hoping, my office could be out on its proverbial ear.  Sad?  Hard?  Shoot no.  By all means, the place we’ve had has worked for years.  And now, in my opinion, it’s time to boot-scoot’n-boogy.

I wouldn’t tell you that we’re leaving without telling you that we’re going someplace else.  And that place is beyond sufficient.  In fact, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of the location we’re headed.  So I may be in a different location when you come for a cup of coffee or for an intervention.  (That was a joke… mostly).  Details will follow eventually.  But for now, know that things are very light-hearted around here.  Peace & Grace be yours, yo.