I’ve come down with something this week.  I don’t know what to call it exactly, but the symptoms are light-headedness (is that a word?), lack of concern for people or things around me, loss of sense of smell, taste and sight (not really), and a truck resting on my chest.  Any doctors out there able to tell me what the deal is with me?

Because I’ve been under the weather this weekend, I’ve locked myself into the house.  A good chance to sleep the day and night away.  Also a good chance to catch up with some much needed reading and a stack of movies that I hadn’t seen yet.  And because I’ve watched a stack (literally) of movies this weekend, I’ve got a list of ‘should-see’ films, along with very basic overviews.

I am Legend- this is really not a bad movie.  Sort of a cross between ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and the Gospel.  One guy has to give his life to save the whole of humanity.  Oh.  And he kills a bunch of zombies.  Not a bad parallel to Christ.

License to Wed- a good movie to watch for two types of people… the single (or dating without marriage possibilities any time soon) and the already married.  The film is about a priest that tries to break up engaged couples through his unique pre-marital counseling.

3:10 to Yuma- of all the movies I saw this weekend, I’m giving this one a head-nod of appreciation.  It’s a western, but not a cheesy one.  In fact, I don’t think Clint Eastwood had anything to do with it.  In the end, I liked the hero, I liked the villain, I even liked the closing music.  Not for kids, probably, due to the violence.  But anybody else would be fine.

The Bucket List- If you’re old and ready to contemplate your own death, maybe this isn’t the film for you.  But, on the other hand, if you’re young and don’t want to watch someone else contemplate their own death, this probably isn’t your movie either.  There were good parts of the movie and bad parts, but really, I don’t think this was one for me, an 18-45 year old male.

American Gangsters- If you can handle a little violence and some moderate language, this is a great (and true) story.  It’s about drugs and building a community.  Great acting and some hard questions that everybody eventually faces… What would you do to keep your family safe?  Maybe a little more for the boys, but this was a good film.

The Great Debaters- This was an incredible movie.  Oprah flipped the bill, they tell me, and I think she’ll make up for the cost.  It’s about a debate team in a black college in the south.  There are racial issues and integrity issues and all sorts of mid 1930’s social situations.  Not much swearing, very little, if any, violence, and at the end, there are chills.  See this with your family.  Or your friends.  But not me.  I’ve already seen it, and I’d probably give away the end… which is a surprise, by the way.  Or is it?

So that’s my weekend, and those are my thoughts on some recent movies.  Don’t blame me if you don’t agree.  Just don’t trust my movie-taste.  🙂