It’s odd when you bond with someone in college (or any time in life) then rarely see or hear from them again. I know it happens all the time. Think about the kid you used to work with at McDonalds or at that office. Or the girl you rode the bus with in elementary school. Probably aren’t still friends with them. But they totally changed your life, even if only for the time you were with them.

I lost a friend today. I hadn’t seen him in two years, and hadn’t seen him before then in five years previous. Needless to say that we hadn’t been really close in a while. But in college, we were friends. Good friends. Not, maybe, the kind of friends that would get personalized bottled water for eachother or get tshirts with our names on them. But friends enough to pray together and have a good laugh pretty much every day. What a gift that guy was to my life, especially in such a transitional time. He’ll be missed. But joy comes in the morning, they say… Heaven, as Warrant reminds, isn’t too far away.