my road
This is the view from right outside my driveway. It’s beautiful… And treacherous. The snow’s all over the place. Roads, driveways, roofs, cars, my pants…it’s everywhere. I love it.

Since the winter season is well under way, I thought maybe it was time to talk about spring. Spring is my favorite season. Not because of the mud and rain and worms and bugs. But because it gives hope for the future. Spring is the ‘to be continued…’ at the end of a television show. It’s nature’s way of saying “Hey, it was winter, and it’s about to not be winter.”

Anybody have any really good ideas of what to do with 20 inches of heavy snow? Here is my list so far…

A miniature version of the vatican in the front yard
Make an igloo all the way around my house
Melt it and use it to dilute the pollution in the great lakes