As soon as church is over today, I leave for Fort Faith (Don’t worry, mom, it’s not rehab), a Christian Retreat Center in Morley, Michigan.  I’ll be leading worships and having some good snow fun with the teens from the MMBC.  I spent a couple hours frantically preparing and packing last night, and yet I still feel totally not ready to go.

I know I’m going to forget something.  There’s always something left on the night stand, ya know?  The cell phone charger, the overnight bag with my clothing for the weekend… it could be anything.  But this time, I’m shooting for the moon.  I’m planning on taking everything with me this time.  Obviously I’m going to forget some crucial part of my gear, but I also know that the MMBC is totally prepared to handle a forgetful, sleep-deprived weirdo like me.

I’ll post pictures, or maybe even video when I return.  Happy New Year, world.