Wedding Weekend…

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Friday night I went to a wedding. Not just any wedding, mind you. A
fireman’s wedding. They all wore firemens’ badges and had a ringing
of the fire bell for the two important firemen in the fireman-groom’s
life that had died. Very somber, yet so incredible. The wedding was
great. The reception was something else. I sat with people I didn’t
know, which was fine, but then couldn’t get away to be with friends
until some of the people left. It was loud, smelly, super crowded,
and awesome. 🙂
Everybody was celebrating. Funny about weddings… the reception
would NEVER survive if it weren’t for the fact that it’s a
celebration. Too many people in too small a place. Food that’s cold
and dry. Entertainment that’s less than even what you’d get on
saturday afternoon on the FOX network (which is considerably lame,
even for FOX). It’s all totally fine because of the fact that you’re
celebrating the unity of two people becoming one.
That always reminds me of the celebration as we become more and more
like the bride of Christ. At some point, We’re going to be at the
wedding feast. It’ll probably be crowded. And the food may be a
little bit cold. And the noise will most likely be more than
tolerable. But the celebration…

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