My sister-in-law is having a baby.  That isn’t really a new development.  She’s been pregnant for somewhere around nine and a half months.  What IS a new development is this… She has a child that wants out.  And THAT is great.  His name is Jackson.  I’m assuming he’s gonna be about 22 inches and right around 8lbs.  I’ll fill you in on those details later.  But for now, let me give you a few other details.

The family waiting room smells like french fries.  The Carpet is sticky.  Don’t know how, but the carpet keeps a constant suction on my shoes.  I fear taking my shoes off.  These are new socks, and I’d like to keep them.  I have perfect cell phone service, perfect wireless internet service and even power outlets available, and yet, there are signs everywhere prohibiting use of cellular telephones and laptop computers.  I’m sure the hospital is afraid of the interference my laptop or cell phone could have on the pacemakers or expensive life-saving pop machines.  And on the television, there’s a TLC documentary about birth defects.  I don’t think I even need to comment… but let’s be real… This is the OB ward.

Again, I’ll post a picture and/or stats soon of the newest Barnes man.  Peace & Grace, my christmas friends!