I’ve spent the better part of the afternoon in a coffee shop.  Most of that time has been at a known and loved coffee shop in the village of Spring Arbor.  And the other part has been in a Drunken Donuts in the trashopolis of Jackson.  The picture gives you a good view of what I’m seeing.  Due to weather this week, I’ve decided…er… my car has decided to allow me the opportunity to buy new tires.  Partly because I love that new tire sound, and partly because I love living.  So here I am, waiting for my car to get a new pair of shoes.  Can’t wait.  I mean… don’t think I don’t like adventure.  I love adventure.  Never quite knowing if I’m going to stop in time or stay in my own lane.  But I’d rather keep my adrenaline in its proper place while behind the wheel… in the cup holder.  Hope your snow day is as great as mine has been!  🙂