A Christmas party isn’t always the first place I think of when I think about worship.  And yet, tonight, it happened.  Right between a ridiculous game and coffee & dessert.  A room full of distracted, disgruntled, over-extended pastors let go of whatever was happening around them and reveled in their time with Christ.  No band, no sound equipment.  Not even scripture and a greeting time.  Just focus and hearts pointed toward Christ.

I get this weird feeling.  A feeling that maybe all of the production and the practice and the politics of leading a big event for church isn’t doing it.  I don’t know that so much energy should be going toward the ‘event’ of worship.  Maybe, instead, the energy should be going toward just seeking Christ.  Or spending time with Him.  Or maybe, just maybe, the energy could go to just Worshiping with my life.

Look at it this way… if worship can happen with a bunch of weird pastors in a ratty old train depot with just a guitar and some photocopies, then I know that worship can happen anywhere else, too.  So have I wasted my time by learning lighting and sound and video techniques?  No.  Not in the slightest.  Those things enhance worship in a very real way.  But do we need them to focus in and worship?  Absolutely not.  Maybe I should be looking at my calendar.  🙂