Driving home last night (just after dark) I kept seeing red and blue flashing lights just out of view.  They seemed to fill the whole horizon.  They freaked me out.  As I got closer, I realized (every single time) that the lights were from police cars that had pulled over evil-doers.  But I had all sorts of other guesses as to what the lights were coming from.  Plane crashes seemed to be a favorite, because that’s what kept coming to mind.  The point is, I couldn’t tell what was coming, even though I knew SOMETHING was coming, and could even see parts of it.

My horizon is changing.  I keep catching glimpses of something.  And as I get closer, I’m getting anxious to see the whole picture.  The horizon is coming faster and faster, yet I’m still not able to see what I’m coming up on.  What a strange time!  If I know one thing about my future, I know this… I’m not going to be speeding any time soon on my commute to/from work anymore!  Those cops are everywhere!