Ya know how doctors and dentists are always being asked medical/dental questions at parties?  Well, the same happens to musicians.  I’m asked every week about music picks.  People are wondering, lately, what to buy their husbands/wives/teens/parents by way of new albums.  Today, I decided to just put my musical picks/thoughts on ye ole blog.  So without further adieu…

For the Beatles fan/commuter/non-head-banger/middle-of-the-road music lover, I think the new Paul McCartney album, Memory Almost Full is spectacular.  It’s got some beatles-ish sounds, but also is very catchy.  This is an album that parents and kids would like, but probably wouldn’t admit that.

For a little edgier sound, a more eclectic taste, or just a more bizarre mix of  amazing tunes is the new album, Raising Sand, by Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin) and Alison Krauss (of Alison Krauss).  Not only do you get some fairly amazing vocals, but some great blues, blues-grass (that’s right) and even a little folk.  Before I listened to the album, I assumed I knew that the album would be strange, but good.  After listening, I immediately went online to find everything else that was even remotely close to this.  There was nothing.  If you have to buy an album for somebody that has everything (musically), get them this album.

For the college kids in your life, there’s nothing better this year than the new album The Twenty-First Time, by the new band,  Monk & Neagle.  A cross between John Mayer and Chris Tomlin.  How do they combine?  Well, it’s a very interesting, very musical, very coffee-house style of worship album.  Acoustic for the most part, and just a good time.

Hope this helps.  Blessing on ya.