I slept in this morning, as you’d assume from the title of my post.  Felt great.  I mean to tell you… I feel at one with the universe.  But as I look out the window, I see snow flakes.  Not big, floppy, weightless, romantical snow flakes.  More like snow flakes you’d buy at Kroger’s Clearance Center… small, more wet than they should be, and quite sad.  And as my mind wanders, I think about this…

As a kid, I’d pray every night from September 15th through May 22nd for massive snowfall.  And most every night, minus maybe twenty in all, I’d wake up disappointed.  I wanted for school to be canceled every day due to snow.  I wanted to build snowmen and create G.I.Joe forts in the drifts and build ramps at the end of the neighborhood slide to go sledding (tobogganing to us poor kids) down.  But it rarely happened.  Instead, I was awakened by birds chirping and my mother whistling and the school bus leaving me behind.

All that to say this… sleeping in feels great, but I think too much sleep in one night has made me crazy.  So let this be a lesson to you.