I’m not talking about an FFH song.  I’m talking about the kind of thing that makes you want to ignore everything and drive until your car gives out.  The responsibilities I’ve got on my back today anchor me to the office for hours, doing work that could easily be done by somebody who didn’t have a day off.  And then there’s this other thing…  With most people, if they see that you’re stressed and upset, they will tread lightly with you.  Maybe that’s out of respect or fear or just that they don’t want you to ‘confide’ in them.  But not for me.  Not today.  Already, I need a day off and some non-frustrating things to do.  But instead, I’m at the office, doing work that would frustrate ghandi, and someone decides to pile me up with some more work.  And not only do they give me a few more tasks, but they do it while explaining to me they know that I’m upset.

So now that you’ve committed to this post, let me vent a little (as if I haven’t).  In no way whatsoever is it okay to push someone who is already weak.  It is never acceptable to mess with the frail.  Never.  And yet, it happens.  It happened.  So let me ask you… do I show respect for those that don’t respect me?

I guess I am to this point… how much longer can I take it?  A bad week comes and goes, and it’ll be over soon.  But am I just having a bad week, or am I being kicked while I’m down?