So it seems like, at least today, that I’ve got a splinter in my palm.  Not literally, mind you, but figuratively.  I have this aching and uncomfortability and longing to get rid of the “stuff” inside.  And the more I squirm, the worse it seems to get.  And the more I dig at the problem, the more damage I’m doing.  Actually, the more I try and hurry up and yank the splinter out, the worse the sore is that I’m creating.  I’m actually bringing more pain by trying to speed things up.  I know, somewhere deep within my heart and my mind, that things will eventually work themselves out.  But on the forefront, and with my “hurry-the-frick-up” mentality, I ignore the fact that I’m doing more damage and the fact that time will eventually work the splinter out of my skin, and I’ll be fine once again.  So right now, I’m just a guy with a knife, prying open layers of skin in my palm, trying to break loose from this foreign object… this splinter.  Maybe I should put down the knife and let my body do the work that it was made for.