So there was a junior high retreat this weekend (I attended as a worship leader for the 4th year in a row).  It’s a great chance to kind of hone my skills as a youth worship leader, in a way.  and in another way, it’s good to bring me back down to earth.  There’s something about leading worship at a church like CFMC.  People are responsive.  Not only to music, but also to leadership.  People clap, they laugh, they even follow along with stories or thoughts.  But junior highers on a retreat…. that’s a whole different ballgame.  And due to that fact, I was set back to earth this weekend.  Seemed like most all weekend, I was fighting many distractions during services.  Didn’t seem as though anything was really clicking with the group.  And then tonight, something happened.  The kids seemed to almost plug into whatever was happening, and were fully engaged for about 20 minutes of true worship.  What was really weird to me (this isn’t really a shocker… i’m only doing this to kind of recount the tale) was how much like adults the 12 year old crowd responded.  Some hands raised, some eyes closed, all in tune with what God was at work on.  And it was amazing to see how much like little adults these kids were.  I was impressed at how much they were picking up.  Obviously, after that, they went outside for a marshmallow fight or something, but for a few minutes, those kids were in the presence.  Good times, for sure.  And now it’s time for a quick nap before I make the trek to Chelsea to walk through the old testament.  Blessings on ya.