I’m sitting at the Monroe Missionary Baptist Church right now, and i’m watching some very interesting teens set up what appears to be a really awesome youth rally. Bands, sound men, lighting guys, youth pastors, girls with guitars… it’s all here. And here I am, blogging about it all.

The best part is this, my friends… So much has gone into this event that is unseen.  Sure, the plants and the bands and the flyers and the junk is great, but the Prayer and the Seeking God has been incredible.  Not just me, but Pastor Steve, the awesome band, and the folky girl.  I’m sure God will get glory for this deal.  Now here are some pictures of it, just so you know I’m not lying.  🙂

The Stage
This is the stage we did the deal at.
My seat… er… feet.
This is where I sat.
Pre-show teens
This is where the teens were before the show.  Then a bunch more showed up.

PS, the rally was GREAT!  Pastor Steve did stupendous, just as always!  And the teens responded to the Holy Spirit’s leading, which was great.  And I drank a Monster Low-Carb just before I took the stage, so I have a feeling that I may have said or done something to limit my chances to be invited back.  Well, friends, you win some, you lose some.  😉