Tuesday night, I’ll be leading worship for some teenagers (along with a few others who are at the wrong place at the wrong time) at a pre-See You At The Pole rally in Monroe, Michigan, at St. Mary’s park.  The special event is brought to you by the Monroe Missionary Baptist Church, and by viewers like you.  Kidding.  Unless you go to that church.

So I’m excited.  And here’s why, for those that wonder.  I spent my first ten years in Monroe.  I played at the park many, many times that I’ll be playing at on Tuesday.  Seems weird to be going back to that town, and yet, seems great.  I’m hoping to go a little early and drive around the old neighborhood for a while before sound check, just so I can remember some old kid stuff.   If it wasn’t for breaking and entering laws, I’d be half-tempted to go check out my old house and take a look around my old room.  Though, if you don’t hear from me on Wednesday, please send bail money.