I love a good story.  Action, adventure, romance, fable, funny… they’re all good.  I like stories so much that I’ve been listening to the Garrison Keillor ‘Lake Woebegone Days’ podcast every day on the commute to and from work.  I love hearing all the details of the lives of people (real people or imaginary… makes no difference to me).  But I think about the stories that have stuck with me over the years, and I’m brought to the realization that my life’s story isn’t really all that incredible.  Now, I’ve had a few moments of bravery or loss or luck, but all-in-all, my life isn’t the greatest story I’ve heard.

So I ask myself, “self, what does a good story have that my life doesn’t have?”  And my answer is usually something like this…  A really good story has great characters.  Characters that you love and characters that you hate.  There are people that you relate with and people that you don’t care at all about.  There are also great obstacles to overcome, people that challenge authority, overcome adversity, and things that just plain leave you amazed.

I’m seeing the clock on the wall right now.  It says 3:05 pm.  And that reminds me that I’ve spent my day, so far, with my feet up and my eyes closed.  Is that a great story?  Don’t think so.  So maybe I’ve got to start a pro-active approach to becoming a great story.  So if you’ve got any ideas as to how I could get involved in an adventure, I’d love to hear them.  🙂