Yesterday I said goodbye to someone that I rarely see.  You’d assume that since I rarely see them, I’d have no problems saying goodbye.  But, on the contrary, I had a very hard time.  Such a hard time had I that my drive from airport to office was spent primarily in silence.  Silence and sighs.  What is it that makes something so hard when there’s such little face-to-face time involved?  It’s the connection.  Due to the fact that I’m totally connected to the person, it was extremely hard to let go when I had to.

So here’s the deal… I don’t think I’ve really ever literally seen Jesus.  I mean… I’ve seen Him at work, I’ve seen His fingerprints, and I’ve felt Him move in my life.  But I’ve never seen Him.  But am I connected to Him?  Better believe it.  I have a longing that makes it hard to stay away from Him.  And yet… I’ve never had coffee with Him.  It’s not the ammount of time spent, though.  Just like saying goodbye to my friend, it’s the connection that matters.  Thoughts?