It’s funny how in silence, you can start to hear things you wouldn’t normally hear.  Last night, my very loud, very powerful fan died.  I turn the fan on just before going to sleep at night to drown out the sounds of the house and the cars & trucks that pass by at night, keeping me up.  Well, since the fan was dead last night, I had nothing to keep those noises away.  I heard noises that I’ve never heard  before.  There was some sort of dog fight in my back yard.  There was a midnight biker-gang meeting (seemingly) in the road in front of my house.  There were probably a thousand birds chirping on the trees right outside my windows.  A lot of noises that I wasn’t used to were all around me, and it was great.

I’ve spent some quantity time in silence this week.  And I’m starting to notice how much truly is going on around me.  I’ve heard from God more clearly, spent more time in the word, had a better thought life, and can honestly say that I’m feeling quite at peace.  Do I chalk it all up to just spending time in quiet?  No.  But it sure has helped.  Thoughts?