I’ll be speaking at the CFMC (Chelsea Free Methodist Church) on Sunday.  Not a LOT different than normal Sunday mornings, but this Sunday, I’ll actually be preaching.  Yeah, I said the P word.  🙂

The topic of my message is SIN.  Afterall, as they say, “Sin is fun!”.  It’s really strange to be in a usual place but an unusual position.  I’m normally playing guitar and leading in Worship on Sundays.  But this week, I’ll trade the guitar for a pulpit.  And  I’ll trade three songs and a prayer for three points and an altar call.

Here’s my sermon outline, just in case you’re wondering…

Sin Binds Us
Sin Finds Us
Sin Reminds Us
Grace Covers Us

Don’t go telling people the answers, now.  It’ll ruin the surprise.  I’ll see you Sunday.  Or maybe not.  Peace be yours.