Could be that I haven’t written in quite some time due to a computer issue.  I have, just so you know, had a few computer issues this summer.  But that really isn’t the reason for the lack of postage (the blog, not the stamp).  The lack of posting came from the lack of time.  And the lack of time came from a lack of proper planning.  And the lack of proper planning?  My incredible lack of drive that lasted from the end of July through August (and has recently faded).  In my life, I’ve seen a few times where I’ve totally lost the drive to get anything accomplished.  And it’s in those times that I’ve also lost the creative edge that I need to blog or laugh or create.  So the fact is, when I lose drive, i lose creativity.  At least I know now.

So… here’s to new beginnings.  Not just because I’ve posted a blog this summer at an average of two per quarter, or to break it down, 1 every 45 days.  But the new beginnings of the fall, of a fresh start in blogging, and in (drum roll) a brand-spanking new computer.  My office has graciously bestowed upon me a new machine to help me adequately get things done, and I have enjoyed it very much so far.  So lift a glass and let’s hear it for having fresh starts.