Ya know, sometimes we have to do things we just absolutely don’t want to do.  And we make choices to either do the things we have to do, or we don’t do the things we have to do.  But we choose.  We choose to run a red light because we ‘just couldn’t stop in time’.  We watched free cable for 7 years because ‘the company won’t come and turn it off or send us a bill’.  I could go on.

Sometimes God’s leading is abundantly clear.  And in those times, it’s as if we absolutely know that God will direct, because He’s pointed out the path, and He won’t just lead us out to take us back where we were.  Well, last week was one of those times for me.  What I absolutely knew I was supposed to do was what everything inside of me said not to do.  But God’s voice was louder than my will.  And after some prayer and anger and distress, I followed.  Not out of joy or out of love or adoration or anything even remotely cool.  I only followed out of sheer obedience.  Because He led, I followed.

Does me not being happy with a path I’ve been sent down make the path any less of God?  Does me not being excited about this path make me any less of a man after God’s own heart?  Does me not being pleased with God’s will make me any less of a follower of God?  Ya know, after several days of seeking, I’m realizing the answer to all of those questions is no.  Just because I’m not happy with the path I’m on doesn’t mean that I’m disobeying.  In fact, I’m being totally obedient.

With time and with prayer and with soul searching, I’ll eventually come to the place where this path will be my happy place.  But right this minute, I hate where I’m walking.  But I’m obeying.