I’ve been playing electric guitar for the Free Methodist Church of North America’s General Conference ’07 this week. It’s not a bad gig. The people are very responsive, the sound system (and sound team) is incredible, the food is pretty good (especially since I didn’t have to make it myself), and there’s even a place for the band to hang out back stage, called the green room.

When I agreed to play for the event, I assumed we’d be singing hymns and spending a lot of time not playing the electric guitar. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve really played. And after being on the stage for several days, I’ve seen a few things that I’d like to share…

#1, if I’m involved in worship, the congregation is also going to get involved.
#2, even old people appreciate authentic worship music (even when it’s not their style).
#3, I love numbered lists.
#4, From the stage, it’s quite a site to see 2 thousand people totally engaged in worship.

I’d love to post a picture or two within the next few days. Not of the band, so much, but of the congregation as they worship. I find myself staring at the congregation during worship most times. I can’t stop watching. Incredible.