In about three hours, I’ll be doing a ‘sound check’ for General Conference (the flagship of FM conferences).  Since joining the band way back in November of ’06, we’ve practiced a total of none times as a whole band.  Does that mean we’re going to stink?  Probably not.  Does it even mean that things won’t be precise and tight?  Hopefully not.  Ya see, when you fill a band with worship leaders, the band is destined to be fine.  I don’t mean good-looking, because that is just not true.  I mean that because the focus of the band, beyond any other, is worship.  We’re not there to ‘jam out and have a good time’, though, that’ll happen.  We’re there to lead worship for the congregation, which we’ll do.  I’m stoked.  And if you’re in the area, stop on by.  Tell them that Bishop Joe invited you.