So I’ve put myself on a strict Saturday schedule.  No plans starting after 8:00pm, and no plans going later than 10:30pm.  I’ve got to be home by 10:00 in most all circumstances.  I can’t have caffeine after 6:00pm and no eating after 8:00.  I don’t have people over, I don’t go out.  It’s like being grounded on Saturday night.  Maybe this seems weird.  But my job is very heavily weighted on Sunday morning performance.  Not that what I do is perform.  But if I’m not 100% on Sunday morning, I’m not giving what I need to give, and I’m cheating a lot of people out of something.  My ability to think quickly, be awake and aware, refreshed and revived on Sunday morning is what determines the quality of music/worship that happens.  I don’t mean to say that God only shows up when I’ve slept a solid 7 and took it easy Saturday night.  But my being responsible with time and commitment helps me.  And it helps the Church.

Is this too much pressure on me?  Am I putting too much expectation on myself?  Am I weird-ing you out?  I don’t think it’s too much to ask of myself.  I really feel like taking a few hours extra on Saturday night to start my Worship (or preparing for it) is such a help.  I’m more focused on Sunday.  I have a more vivid Worship time.  I know that God has blessed the time that I’ve put into it.  And I know that I feel better when I wake up Sunday morning.  🙂   Thoughts?