I started getting some things together yesterday for a trip to Florida.  I had all my clothes and bathroom gear and media and power supplies and travel entertainment in small piles on my bed.  There was too much stuff for a duffel bag, but not enough for a full sized suitcase.  So I looked around the house for a mid-size with a hatch-back(that’s luggage industry speak for ‘bigger than a carry-on, but not obnoxious’).  The case I settled on was perfect.  It wasn’t the traditional black (so as not to be lost at the baggage-amusement park, or “baggage claim” as they call it at the airport).  There was room for everything inside of it, including a fan (so I don’t die in the Florida heat).  In fact, the only problem I had with the suitcase was this… it was abused internally the last time someone used it.  There was makeup caked on the inside lining, glitter was everywhere, and it smelled like an 8th grade girl’s locker (too much perfume and not enough hygiene product or circulation).

The cleaning process for a suitcase doesn’t seem like a big ordeal.  At least, it didn’t when I started the process.  But once I started the cleaning process,  I realized how much work it was going to be getting glitter* out of a suitcase that is not totally waterproof.  I tried everything short of baptizing the suitcase in the hot tub and turning on the jets.  The vacuum didn’t work.  The wet rag didn’t work.  The masking tape glove didn’t even work.  In fact, the only thing that worked was cutting the nylon lining totally out of the suitcase and throwing it away.

Once the lining was out of the suitcase, the smell went away, the glitter disappeared and the makeup stains were no-more.  If you’ve read my blog before, you know that I don’t tell you about a suitcase just to talk about a suitcase.  Picture the suitcase as your life.  There are things in it due to abuse from past experience, from your old life, from all sorts of things that are behind you.  Stains.  Smells.  Glitter (maybe not glitter).  Maybe you’ve tried to clean yourself out.  And chances are, nothing has worked so far.  So here’s the deal… maybe it’s time to let God cut your old life out.  Maybe it’s time for God to get rid of the stains and the smell and the old gunk from your old life.

For your information,  I’m using the suitcase… sans-liner.  And it’s great.  perfect fit.  Even in a stylish dark green with black trim.  Have a great week, and try to stay cool this week.

*glitter is also known as the Herpes of the Craft world.