After the onset of a cold, it’s a really good idea to get yourself full of vitamin C and Zinc.  The Vitamin C helps with controlling not only dehydration, but also immune system.  And the zinc is a major part of the immune system.  As your body fights off a cold, the zinc depletes pretty quickly as it tries to fight off the sickness, very much like the vitamin C.  These two things together can cut the life of a cold from 5-7 days down to 1-3.  Big help.  Seriously.  I’ve been doing it since college 1.0.

This week, at the Willow Creek Arts Conference, I got some sort of head cold that worked its way down into my chest, and made me somewhat miserable for the entirety of the conference.  But after starting the above-mentioned regiment of drugs, I started to feel some better.  This morning, I felt great when I got up, but I thought… ‘ya know, maybe i should just kick this thing out once and for all.’  So  I took about three times the normal amount of each.  At first, nothing happened, just like normal.  But within about 15 minutes, I started having strange flashbacks of 7th grade science class(A.K.A. the last time I tossed my cookies).  So I had to kind of spend an hour or so in the bathroom waiting.  And that’s where I started thinking… (besides the overwhelming thought of EWWWWWWW) How could something so right be so wrong?  Well, because I was abusing that good thing.  I took way too much stuff, and my body was letting me have it because of it.

I don’t tell you this just to let you know that I know what my insides taste like.  I mean… I do now.  But that’s not the point.  The point is this…  just because something’s good doesn’t mean that it’s good no matter what.  And not in every situation.  Water, for instance.  It’s wonderful.  Keeps us alive.  But we can’t live in it.  And it can kill us.  Vitamin C and Zinc.  They’re great.  They keep us healthy.  But they can make me ralph.  Have a great weekend.