So on a whim, I bought a few albums last week.  Not because I had heard of them, or was even remotely familiar with the artists.  But because they sounded like a funny thing to have in my music collection.  The albums are part of the ‘Rockabye Baby!’ series, brought to you by Baby Rock Records.  The cds are very much like Baby Einstein… sort of.  Baby Einstein is very famous classical music put to mallet instruments (think xylophone and marimba*).  The Rockabye Baby albums are the same instruments, just set to music from bands that you and I listen to, and even a few that our parents would’ve rocked out to**.  The albums are great.  I love them.  I am probably burning a hole in the hard drive of my ipod where those files are stored, because I haven’t listened to anything else for the past week.  Mind you, in the car, I’m finding that it’s not a very good idea.  Honestly, this stuff is better than nyquil***.

So what’s the deal?  Why am I buying baby cds?  No, mom.  I’m not having a baby.  I bought the albums because they’re fun.  But what do these cds say about the society of baby-raising folk from my generation?  Maybe a couple things…  First, it says that times are changing.  Since when do parents put kids to bed with Coldplay?  Or Led Zeppelin?  I mean… I don’t have anything against a musically enlightened child.  I’m just saying.  🙂  Second, it would seem that as a generation of young people grow up and build homes and families and stuff, they’re taking from their background things that shaped them and putting those things into the lives of their children.  Not just the thought that ice cream tastes good or katsup goes with most anything yellow (think about that one for a while).  But even the music they like, and the ways they fall asleep.  At 17-18, John fell asleep every night to The Song Remains The Same, by Led Zeppelin.  Ten years later, John gets married, has a kid, and the kid goes to sleep every night to the same song.  Awesome.  Strange, but awesome.

Appendix A
*If you don’t know what Xylophones or Marimbas are,  think of the weirdest, most out-there, smelly, non-hygienic kid in your high school band.  That kid played those instruments.
**Your parents DID, in fact, rock out at one time or another.  Just not in the same way you do now.  Let’s be honest.
***Nyquil isn’t better than anything.  I promise.