I love the show HOUSE. There’s something about it that just pulls me in. Have you seen it? It’s a medical drama show about Gregory House, a diagnostician, with significant personal issues. He regularly abuses prescription drugs, takes advantage of the kin  dness of his “friends” and treats people and patients badly. There is nothing redeemable about the guy. Well, except the fact that he saves people. Lives are saved every week because this guy really knows what he’s doing, and is willing to take risks to figure out the medical problems that people are having. Incredible. He’s terrible, and yet, he the hero. So hard to understand!

I suppose I like HOUSE because the show is smart. I think the writers and producers really have a great understanding of how people work… the gifted ones are the ones with the most problems. The people out there with the most to give are the ones that are the hardest to ‘get’. With that in mind, look at Jesus. He did it all. I mean… took on sin and death, then came out on top. And just like House, Jesus is super hard to figure out. He didn’t have to do anything for us. He could’ve just stayed in heaven and hung out with the old testament guys. But He came and did his thing. And I don’t get it. Thoughts?