Ok, so I keep thinking that my summer is going to be fairly smooth-sailing, and that my time will be my own.  But as I agree to do more and more camps/weekend retreats/events during the summer, I’m realizing that, in all honesty, I’ve got less free time this summer than I had all school year with classes AND work.  Strange.

The time management guru (Stephen Covey) has a quadrilateral of managing time…. who’d have thought.  There are things that I’ve really got to buckle down on this summer, or they’ll be put on the “maybe do this later” pile.  So this week I’m in evaluation mode.  I’m spending the week filtering through all of my plans, events, meetings, cups of coffee… everything.  I can’t really wait to get started.  But I know that with evaluation, sometimes things get dropped.  So I suppose we’ll see what gets left on the quadrant #4.  Hope y’all make the cut.  😉