As a kid I assumed that juggling was some sort of magic trick.  A spell that only traveling evangelists and smurfs could conger.  In fact, it wasn’t until about the 5th grade that I realized that juggling wasn’t magic, it was just weird.  And it wasn’t too long after that when I realized that I couldn’t do it.  For some reason, my hands can’t work fast enough to throw and catch balls accurately enough to keep it moving.  At least, not for long.   I can juggle one ball, no problem.  But really, it’s not really called juggling with just one ball.  It’s called catch.  Two balls is juggling.  And three is impossible.  The more balls, the harder to keep track.  And the harder to keep track, the easier it is to slip or forget one or miss one midair.

There are things in my life right this minute that are up in the air, just waiting for me to catch them and toss them back into the air.  I would be willing to bet that I’m not the only person in that situation.  Too many things going on, too much to put on the calendar.  I mean… one thing can be done without problem.  Two things, not much problem.  Three things, with practice and time, can be within reach.  But just like the balls and hands, the more stuff you try to do, the better your chances of dropping one.  So what’s worth dropping?  What can I feel ok with letting fall?  Friends?  School?  Work?  Ministry?  My love for fine Italian hand-blown glass?

I’m assuming that when school’s out for summer, (thanks, alice), things will ease up a little.  And when that happens, maybe the juggling will either become easier, or maybe I’ll get better at it.  Either way, I think I’m back to my first thought… Juggling is magic.  Thoughts?