A friend of mine, and possibly yours, is in the hospital with wife and son this week.  They’re undergoing surgery on the boy’s skull.  The procedure was intense, as a de-skulling always is.  But on an 18 month old boy, the craziness level of the surgery doubles.  Anyway, the prayers have been for swelling to go down on the boy’s head.  And it sounds as though the swelling has gone down.  You can read all about the family and the surgery, among other things, here.

But what I’m wondering is this… Do you think God ever has to laugh at our prayers?  Or cry?  Or cringe in uncomfortability?  At this point, I’m sure God’s gotten the tissues out a few times for the prayers we’ve been praying for this boy.  But prayer works.  Even if it’s for swollen heads to shrink back to normal size.  Thoughts?