I get to thinking sometimes about the wise and foolish builders.  I know that Jesus was talking about spiritual matters.  We need to build our lives upon a firm foundation of Christ.  Got it.  But what about other areas of life?  How about the emotional foundation?  Or the physical foundation?  What about a relational foundation?

Maybe Jesus was speaking to more than just spiritual matters.  Maybe in telling the story of the foolish builder setting up a house on the sand wasn’t just telling us to have a foundation set in Him.  I wonder if maybe Jesus was telling us to be careful when we start out in doing something to make sure that our foundations are secure.  Don’t start lifting weights until your body can handle it.  Don’t start racing your car if you’re check engine light is on.   Not that it can’t happen.  I think, though, that it’s just harder to do.  On the other hand, if you lift weights after warming up, it’s great.  And racing a finely-tuned sports car is incredible. With the right base, maybe it’s just easier to accomplish the goal.   Thoughts?