I sat in business class on a plane one time, and due to a few strange events, was mistaken for a famous actor.  The flight attendant and co-pilot of the plane came back for an autograph and everything.  Mind you, I didn’t realize who they thought I looked like until the flight was over.  But my actions and likeness were similar enough to this actors that these people assumed I was him.  What a great flight.  I’ve never had better service.

As I become more like Christ, I hope that people see Him.  And I’d love for somebody to confuse me for Jesus someday.  Sitting in coach class, reading the Skymall catalog, talking to my armrest-mate, just having a good time.  I would love for a flight attendant to stop me in mid-sentence to ask for an autograph.  Not from Jack Black or whoever they may think I am, but from Jesus, the savior of the world.  Obviously, I don’t mean to say that I need to grow a scathy beard and wear a tunic.  But what I am saying is that my actions, my words, my eyes, my heart could be of Christ.  How very awesome that could be.  Thoughts?