Just like the ugly old lady from the golden girls always said, “picture it…”  The year is 33.  The setting is a quiet garden just outside of the city.  It’s late at night, and it’s quiet.  Almost too quiet.  Jesus and his closest friends are spending a few hours together before the proverbial crap hits the fan.  The pressure from what’s about to happen hits Jesus like a ton of bricks, so he does what any Son of God would do.  He goes to a quiet place to pray alone.  The weight of the world is on His shoulders, and all he can do is pray.  He knows that within a few minutes, his friends will betray him, the people He came to seek and save will kill Him, and His father will turn his back on Him.  But without hesitation, Jesus kneels and seeks guidance from His father.

Tomorrow marks a very strange day in the life of the Church.  We call it Good Friday.  But it’s also a wicked, sorrowful day.  It’s the day that our savior is hung on a cross and killed.  But it’s also a day of solemn celebration.  Like the old black preacher says, (and a lot of white preachers that don’t do it justice), “it may be Friday, but Sunday’s a’comin.”  Thoughts?