Isn’t it funny (not so much humor funny, but more like hmmmm) that people learn to expect things? Not like… “if i sit in this chair, i expect it to hold me up.” But more like… “I’m entitled to such-and-such because I’ve paid my dues.” As Jeff Bridges and Duracell always say, ‘consider this.’ You have no home, you have no money, you have no food. Everyday you show up to the local shelter. Everyday, the doors open and you hold out a bowl for the cook to drop some soup into it. You show everyday, so you’re entitled to that soup, right? No. I really don’t think that’s right. Now back to the Bible. Christ died on the cross. And because we ask forgiveness and accept Jesus into our hearts, we’re entitled to this eternal life. No. That’s totally wrong. Maybe we don’t understand that incredible lack of entitlement we have. Thoughts?