Christ walked the earth 2007 years ago.  I don’t know if that means that He floats around now… But I’m pretty sure it means that Jesus died on the cross (says Marsch’s Common Book of History) in the year 33AD.  This isn’t new information.  Jesus then arose three days later.  Awesome, but again… not new information.  But like Duracell’s Jeff Bridges, I ask you to consider this…  What Christ did then still resounds today.  His  death and resurrection two thousand years ago is still just as impactful now as it was then.  Sin is still taken away.  Lives are still changed.  Souls are still saved.

A friend reminded me today of a strage thing that happens in the greek language.  It’s called a perfect indicative.  basically, it’s the way that the greek language ‘tenses’ verbs to change the outcome.  Something happens at one point, and with a regular ‘tense’, the action is over immediately.  But with the perfect indicative, it changes the outcome of events from making only an immediate difference to the outcome of events having eternal differences.  Such as Jesus dying in the year 33AD, coming back from the dead and saving all of mankind.  Thoughts?