Abraham takes Issac up into the mountains to sacrifice something to God. They’re on the long and winding path from level ground to the rocky, windy, weather-worn top. God’s in heaven, watching intently, hoping, yet knowing, that Abraham will do what He’s asked of him. Jesus is there with God, watching, maybe on His lap, maybe over Hiss shoulder… his eyes following the man and boy struggle up the mountain. Abraham reaches the top of the mountain with the boy, and starts stacking wood and small limbs and brush collected on the journey. Jesus looks up at God, and asks where the lamb is, the sacrifice that Abraham will give. God is quiet. Abraham starts to adjust the pile of wood on the altar, making room for the sacrifice. Issac Asks his father where the lamb is for the sacrifice. Abraham is quiet, but keeps at his duty of preparing the altar. Jesus looks again at God, and asks where the lamb is for the sacrifice. God again gives no answer, just keeps watching the man work. Abraham finishes his preparations, lifts his boy up to himself, and kisses his forehead. He smells his hair and looks into his son’s eyes one last time, then lays him on the altar. Jesus takes his face away from the drama on earth, lifts his hands to God’s cheeks, and looks his father right in the eyes. He asks God what Abraham is going to do to his son. God says nothing, but takes Jesus’ hands into His own, curls Jesus onto his lap, and gently runs his thumbs over Jesus’ palms and tells him to just keep watching. Abraham takes a knife in his hands, but as he starts to raise the knife, the bleat of a lamb takes his eyes to the bush, just a few feet from his son. God, still rubbing his only son’s palms, smiles as He watches Abraham pull the boy from the altar and replace him with the lamb. Jesus looks once again back up to His father, hugs in close to Him, and asks why Abraham put his son on the altar. God, tears in His eyes, holding Jesus’ hands tightly in His own, looks deep into Jesus’ eyes and tells Him how much He loves Him.

Easter’s coming. Don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate what an incredible situation we’re in. Thoughts?