The small town of LaFollette, TN is about half an hour north of Knoxville.  There’s nothing super amazing or commendable about the little town.  Well, there are two crazy commendable things about the town.  An 80 foot tall Dragon that sells fireworks and a 90 foot tall lighted cross.  Both are quite visible from the freeway, and both are just as amazing as you’d think.

The dragon sells fireworks, and does a pretty good job of it.  The fireworks shop is always busy and sells a LOT of fireworks.  The cross does a good job of being a cross.  Especially considering the fact that the 90′ cross is standing out front of northeastern Tennessee’s largest Adult Superstore.  Strange that there’s a cross in front of a place like that.  Almost as if it doesn’t fit.

Easter’s coming.  The day that Jesus rose from the dead is upon us.  The day that the Son of God defeated earthly death.  The day that the creator God took care of our bill.

So what’s easter got to do with the giant cross in LaFollette?   This… it’s amazing that Jesus’ footprints are all over our grubby, dirty, sinful world.  And not only his footprints, but his blood, sweat and tears.  He put himself in our world.  Spent himself in saving us.  That cross in front of the adult superstore does little more for me than remind me that Jesus put himself in our wreckless, hopeless, disdainful world and saved it.  Thoughts?