So my church (and place of employment) is about 8 months from breaking ground on a new building.  We’ll be within six or seven miles of our old building, and will be spreading our influence-range by about twenty thousand people.  It’s an exciting undertaking.  I can only imagine how God will use a new place.

On the news today, I heard that Starbucks is opening 40,000 more coffee shops within the next 18 months.  The reason for so many new coffee shops, you ask?  The brains behind Starbucks decided, after much poling and surveys, that the more stores they have, the more coffee they’ll sell.  The more Starbucks coffee shops in a town, the more that people will go buy a cup of coffee.  Even when the coffee costs as much as a whole bag of freeze-dried grocery-store-brand beans.

So what’s the parallel?   Well, I keep coming back to this… if Starbucks can get people to pay the crazy amount they charge for a cup of coffee (which we all do regularly) on a regular basis, then they’ve got something to tell us about marketing.  And if Starbucks, the nation’s best-known coffee shop, decides that they can double their earnings by opening up 40,000 stores, then I believe they can.  How does this relate to church?  What if we started planting churches the way that Starbucks is planting coffee shops?  If they can charge $13.50 for a cup of burnt coffee, then can’t we, as Christians, be offering relationship (not only with eachother, but with the God of the universe)?  Thoughts?