So blood is a strange idea.  Things that flow inside of us (humans and dogs, as far as I have seen) that keep us alive.  Life in liquid form.  This morning in church, I briefly talked about a bad experience I had while trying to donate blood.  In a nut-shell, I got blood on my favorite pants, ruined them, and then made a fairly generic contrast between human blood being a staining agent, yet Jesus’ blood is a cleaning agent.  A purifier, if you will.  The funny thing to me about blood is this, my friends.  Jesus’ blood was human.  He was fully God, yet fully man.  So his blood, I’d assume, is both human and God-ish.  So what makes things different with his blood?  Maybe it’s that Jesus was holy and pure.  And what makes human blood ruin things is the sin factor.  What an incredible gift… thoughts?